Medical Malpractice Types: What You Need To Know

Medical malpractice is basically when the doctor neglects the treatment of the patient; it is when the medical professional violates their duty to the patient resulting in injuries or death. The frequency of malpractice varies from state to state; more common in developing countries. Regardless of the frequency of occurrence, the results can be devastating. This is something that should be given a high priority and serious actions should be taken against it. But the problem is, most of the people are not aware of what comes under malpractice.

medicalmalpractice_zps45c1ca42It is important to remember that not every situation where you are unsatisfied by the doctor will be considered medical malpractice. A lawyer should be consulted before making any claims or taking actions as they will be able to guide you throughout the process. Top medical injury lawyers are those who have sufficient amount of experience in the world of law.

Misdiagnosis is a medical malpractice that cause by missed or delayed diagnosis. In other words, it is simply when a doctor misdiagnosis a condition or fails to diagnose a condition that can result in getting the right treatments delayed and eventually cause harm to them or fatal consequences. However, this can be considered a natural mistake so the situation has to be consulted before any claims have been made. Childbirth injuries are another kind of medical malpractice that occurs during pregnancy or the process of giving birth to the child. The injuries can be pretty severe including brain injuries, fractured bones and paralysis.  Medication error is the most common medical malpractice and can occur in any way. For example, a doctor prescribing the wrong medicine or the wrong dosage comes under medication error and can lead to injuries as well as death.

What You Should Not Do Before Hiring a Lawyer

First off, you need to keep in mind that if you have heavy traffic offenses then it is better to hire a DWI Criminal and Traffic Offense attorney in St Louis than a family attorney. A family lawyer is someone is apt at handling every kind of legal issues that affect a family. They have education and experience to handle the cases and they save you the headache of dealing with hectic processes yourself. Even though family attorneys would be able to handle minor traffic charges, it is recommended that you go for a DWI, Criminal and Traffic Offense attorney in St Louis for bigger issues.

There some common mistakes that people end up making when hiring a family lawyer. This article will highlight those mistakes so that you steer clear of them and are able to hire the best lawyer suited for your needs.

Impatience While Hiring a Lawyer

charles_lampinPatience is a virtue, even when it comes to hiring lawyers. You need to remember one thing that you should never go for the first lawyer you see. Many people do that because they don’t want to continue the stressful search. But if you wait and go through a couple of attorneys, you might end up finding the right one. It is beneficial for you to find the right one because ill-suited lawyers would cost you a lot and would bring you down.

Inexpensive Lawyers

A common and damaging mistake that people make is to go for lawyers who are the cheapest. Keeping your budget in mind is necessary but that does not mean that you go for the low-standard ones who can’t even handle your affairs or turn out to be a fraud. Many of the cheap attorneys do not have a proper education or experience so they handle your affairs badly which can be very dangerous.

The Advantages of Using Arbitrage Software’s

For those who don’t know, by definition, arbitrate means the process of buying and selling things, currencies, and other tangible/non-tangible commodities from a lot of different markets in order to have an advantage of having a different pricing of every product you buy. If you are wondering why people do this, it’s simply because it allows them to sell the same product in a different market in order to get make a profit that is in no way illegal. In old days, doing arbitrage wasn’t an easy job considering how hectic it can get to keep a track on the pricing, and availability. However, in the modern day, thanks to the technology, and the existence of places like Amazon, and eBay, doing Arbitrage has become a lot easier. You can simply get a hold of eBay Amazon Arbitrage Software, and get on with it. So, without further ado, let’s take a look at the advantages.

It Handles all The Buying/Selling

head1A really good thing about arbitrage software is that it is built with a great custom code, which means that it can be created according to your own specifications. In addition to that, they are built to handle all the buying and selling from the regions that are specified by you without any hassle.

They are Customized Specially

Like stated earlier, the most popular arbitrate software is always custom built for the individual customer, the software developer will ask your input on how you want things to be, and then create your own, unique version of software. However, if there any changes to be made in the software in near future, the developer will also take care of that by simply recoding the software to meet the latest standards, all this done for a very small fee.

Reviews of Different 3D Printing Pens

Today, will put forward a wide range of 3d printing pens and we will present to you a review of the types and kinds of 3d printing pens so that the 3d drawing enthusiasts who need those pens can choose the one which suits their needs the most.

red 3d printer closeup

The first one is Kuman 100B.  This 3d printing pen has got 5 star ratings all across its customer base. It comes equipped with an anti jamming device to prevent clogging, a display which shows the temperature and filament levels and can even reverse the filament. These features give this pen the most popularity and it is a public’s favorite.

Up next is MYNT3D Professional Pen. This pen is second up because it is extremely efficient and very reliable. This comes geared with very impressive features like an OLED display to monitor temperature and refill, adjustable temperature and an adjustable feed to regulate the speed of the filament. This is also very popular among the customers hence it is so high in demand.

Next up is Sketch Pro 3D. gives it a decent rating because it comes with some unique features. These features are that it comes with an LED screen, a digital speed and temperature control and it comes with a free E book with a 100 designs to suit your needs. Also, Sketch Pro 3D gives you a 30 day money back guarantee in case you do not feel satisfied with it. So by buying it, you will not only witness the pleasure of drawing in 3D but also you will be in peace at mind in case you decide you do not like it. has given its top 3 favorite 3d printing pens. If you are a 3d drawing enthusiast or you want to own one, make sure to visit our website for lucrative deals.

Natural Ways to Prevent Hair Fall

One of the most common reasons for hair thinning is aging, but it is not the only cause. Matters including pregnancy, stress, illness, genetics, menopause and using different hair products all cause your hair to fall and thin rapidly. This can be an alarming situation depending on the severity as well as the amount of hair fall experienced; you need to prevent it either way. Preventing hair fall is no rocket science; all you need to do is follow a few natural ways in order to achieve your desired goal.

classic-taperIf you follow different hot oil treatments, you will be able to get guaranteed results of reduced hair fall due to the fact that the scalp of your head will be receiving rich nutrients. You can massage your scalp with any natural oil including coconut oil, olive oil, canola etc. All you have to do is heat up the oil in order to make it warm, you must be careful not to make it too hot as it can cause a burning sensation. Massage the warm oil on your scalp and leave it on for at least an hour. You can take it off later by shampooing your hair.

Natural juices applied directly to the scalp of the head and the strands can give your hair the nutrients that they don’t get otherwise. It will enable your hair to become thick and increase their growth rate. There are several natural juices that you can make at home including onion juice, garlic juice, ginger juice etc. But you will have to wash your hair thoroughly afterwards in order to get rid of the smell. Thicker and healthy hair will enable you to get different kinds of haircuts including Tapered Haircut. You can also get a head massage and use antioxidants to prevent hair fall.

Get On the Bus From Nearest Pickup Point

Travelling by bus is considered one of the most convenient ways of going from one point to another because the stops and drop offs are located along the way. People mostly prefer this mode of transport because it is straightforward and doesn’t not require going from station to station to get to their destinations. Bus travel is also cheaper and hassle free. The pickup points scattered along the route enables passengers to get on to the bus from any place that is closest to them and get dropped off to a point that is nearest to their destination. Also, tourists are the main people that prefer this mode of transportation because there is less chance of getting lost between stations and even if they miss their bus, another one is usually scheduled to reach them before any other mode of transport.

wts-busIf you need a bus from Johor to Tioman, you can easily find an express bus service for the purpose. Some of the companies that operate along that route include S & S International Express, TransnasionalCepat&Cekap Express and many others. Finding a bus to get to Tioman isn’t difficult at all and you will see many people preferring this mode of transport over others because it lets you reach your destination point within 2.5 hours provided there is not much traffic on the road. If you are to reach the point at specific time, you might want to get on an earlier bus because there could be traffic jam along the way that might delay your journey to Tioman. You can get dropped off at the bus terminal or any of the drop off points of the company that you have selected. It is always better to do a little research on the route and timings of the service if you are using the bus for the first time.

Reasons to Purchase a Baby Video Monitor

As soon as you have a baby, they become your number one priority. No matter how much you take care of them, it always feels like you haven’t done enough. This is true for almost all the parents, especially when their baby is a first born. However, technology has made life easier for the newbie parents as well as the old ones; you no longer have to sit by them while they sleep in order to make sure that they are perfectly fine. With the popularity of the baby monitors, you can easily do the house chores and still be able to keep an eye on your new born. But the technology does not stop there, now there are baby video monitors widely available that enable you to literally keep an eye on your baby instead of going to their nursery and checking up on them all the time.

safe-baby-sb-6002-baby-monitor-and-2-cameras-4Some people think that baby video monitor is a luxury that one does not need in their life. Which is true, but one may want to have a baby video monitor as it makes your life easier. There are so many reasons to buy a baby video monitor, the most important one being that your convenience will be reassured. Safe Baby Monitor enables you see your baby while not being with them. With an audio baby monitor, you’ll be able to hear the playful sound of your baby and mistake it for crying for which you will have to see them in their room. These false alarms can prove to be very annoying and time consuming.

Baby video monitors also help you in sleep training for your baby. They may cry uselessly only to get your attention. With a baby video monitor, parents can make careful judgments themselves if the baby really needs their attention and presence.

Selecting a Beautiful Butterfly

A butterfly tattoo is something that most of the women prefer to get, if you see an inked woman then it is likely that a beautiful butterfly would be embedded on her skin, it is the most common and most worn tattoo among women, it is regarded as the face of feminine tattoo and if you have seen them you wouldn’t be surprised about the choice of women because it looks absolutely amazing.

where-to-get-tattoos-on-your-body-3-728The tattoo you are getting depends on a lot of different things; first of all you need to think why are you getting a tattoo? What are you celebrating? What does the tattoo mean to you, women celebrate the birth of their daughters for instance and it is such a beautiful way to embark it on your skin and let her and the world know that how much you love her, girls celebrate freedom and freewill and what better describes that than a butterfly, a beautiful creature which is colorful and describes what freedom is, that is beautiful! If the artist is a good one and you have made the right choice of color, blend, design and body part then it is probable that it will simply look mesmerizing, and ladies be sure about one thing, men just love it, especially cute back pieces and under bust tattoos, or even the rainbow butterfly on the thighs are well appreciated by men anywhere in the world

It must mean something to you, then it would be more special, getting a tattoo mean a lot to people, they are not just buying something that if they don’t like they can just get rid of it easily, they are wearing it on their body and that requires you to choose the design very carefully and having 90+ butterfly tattoos with pictures, can help you decide.

Tips and Tricks to Help You Save Some Cash While Renting a Car

While on vacations or while traveling around with friends and families you are bound to need a rental car for the purpose of traveling around and going to the tourism spots. For the purpose of traveling you cannot solely depend on taxis and other forms of public transportation. Especially when you are on a vacation with your significant other, in that case you might want to go for a more private means of transportation and your best bet would be to go for All Day Car Rentals. All Day Car Rentals are the best as they have their services open for their customers at all times, no matter what time it is. However rental cars can be pretty expensive and a heavy blow to your pocket. Do not worry, we have some tips and tricks up our sleeve that would help you in saving some of your hard earned cash while renting a car. Following are some of these tips and tricks that would help you in saving money while getting a rental car.

Avoid Going for Famous Companies

The key to saving some money while getting a rental car is that you go to a less famous of company that would provide you with rental cars. The thing about generic and famous names is that they will always be pricey and out of your budget. However there are some less famous and very reliable companies as well.

Avail the Prepaid Discounts

While you are on vacation a lot of the times the hotel you would be staying in would offer you rental car services or have brochures for them. They also provide an option for people who pay a certain sum in advance and get a discount in return, always avail them.

Advantages of Walkie Talkies

A tiny, wireless communication device that uses two way radio is known as walkie talkie. These devices are used for the purpose of communication when one has to communicate with people who have to move around very frequently and are far away from each other. There are plenty of advantages of walkie talkies which this article will be discussing further ahead. Walkie Talkie Central is the best place if you are interested in getting the best range of walkie talkies. Following are some of the advantages of having walkie talkies that you should know about.

Cost free

The best thing about having walkie talkies is that you only have to pay for them at the time of buying. After that one time charges basically all the communication done on walkie talkies are free of any cost or hidden charges.


Another good thing about walkie talkies is that they are lightweight and can easily be carried around by the people using them. There are clips also available which help you clip them on to your clothing, this way you do not have to worry about losing your set of walkie talkie either.

Higher Range of Signals

The range of signals of walkie talkies are higher compared to all other communication or cellular devices. The signals can cover a distance of about 10 miles and the communication is not a problem with them. Compared to cellular devices walkie talkies have better communication system. another thing that is very convenient about walkie talkies is that they are not dependent on cellular service providers for their communication, the communication can be done because of the radio coverage.

Easy to Use

Another major plus point about walkie talkies is that they are easy to use and can help in making communication easier.

Déjà vu Explained

It is most likely that you have at one point in your life experienced a feeling that you have been to a certain place or that a certain incident has happened before in a prior time. You may have walked into a place which you know is knew to you physically but mentally you keep thinking about how you have been there before. Similarly, you could have listened to a conversation or other social interaction that you feel you have experienced before.

This feeling on familiarity is known as déjà vu, for those you who do not know, déjà vu is a French word that translates into “already seen.” According to studies, almost two-third of adults have experienced some form of déjà vu in their lives. So, it is not an uncommon occurrence.

According to psychology, it is a factor of memory. Our mind is able to remember objects clearly but not their configuration, so if you go to a new place which has similar objects as a place you have visited before, the configuration can be a little different but your brain will make you feel an eerie sense of familiarity. According to other psychological theories it can be a result of stress or other internal conflicts. Other medical professionals link it to schizophrenia, epilepsy and anxiety etc.

According to various psychic mediums, the ability to experience déjà vu is considered to be a psychic ability. To be able to remember situations or conversations that are actually knew with a feeling of familiarity is considered to be the divine’s way to help you see visions about the future or give you hints about a certain event before its occurrence. So, deja vu is considered to be a form of clairvoyance, making people believe it to be a psychic phenomenon.

Condominiums: The Real Estate Revolution in Canada

Wanna break the mold? We are in an age of great changes, and the real estate is passing through one of them. Condominiums have taken over, and their popularity is becoming stronger as the days pass by. But what’s the reason for this situation? What’s so special about them after all? You are here to get answers and this is exactly what you are going to get if you stick here.

A Price Revolution:

Buying a house is very expensive, very much. But you don’t need to buy a house in order to have a home, especially when you can get a condo. That’s why so many companies – just like pandacondos – have become mainstream. They are providing lots of people with a perfect solution to their problems: an excellent property they can call home for a fair price.

This revolution is attacking one of the most important aspects of the real estate market very well. We can say that a condo doesn’t have anything to envy to a house, that’s why so many people are opting for this type of property. Because it offers them a nice way to live for a fair price.

Beyond The Price:

But this revolution goes beyond the price, because a condo offers you more than affordable price tag. When you get this kind of property you also get access to cool common areas. In these condominiums you will also have the chance to meet some cool people, especially if you buy a condo in a building with lots of young people just like you.

As you can see these benefits go beyond the price. That’s why you should buy your own condo and join this revolution here in Canada, which is just going to be stronger with the pass of the time.

Mistakes to Avoid While Handling Locks

Handling locks is not as easy as it may sound, especially when you are locked out of your home, or your car and you don’t have your keys with you. Under normal circumstances, it may seem like an ordinary issue, but if there’s an urgent need, the same issue can be a problem, and you can be left at the mercy of a locksmith. It’s safe to say that everyone knows who a locksmith is, they are highly skilled people who know how to work with locks, keys, as well as alarm systems, and if you are going through problems with locks, it’s best you hire Locksmith Las Vegas. However, if you don’t have one available at the time, below are some of the mistakes you can try to avoid while you’re handling the locks yourself.

Trying to Pick the Lock

One thing you absolutely need to avoid while handling your locks is to make sure that at no cost, should you try to pick the lock, while from the looks of it, the process may seem very easy, but lock picking is something very complicated and can only be done by someone who’s an expert at locks. Also, you may give away a wrong impressive when someone else sees you picking the lock of your own car or house.

Don’t Break the Locks

Most people retort to breaking the locks right away, however, you shouldn’t do that, especially if the locks you are using are expensive. Simply wait out and get a locksmith to help you out, and for those who don’t know, emergency locksmiths are available that normally work afterhours in order to help those who are in need at that time, instead of breaking a lock, call them up.

The Hunting Professional: How You Can Be One!

If you want to excel in your hobby, then you need to take a lot of things into account. But on this brand-new article we have done our best to summarize them all and present then to you in an engaging, laconic and easy-to-understand manner.

Even though we know that becoming a real professional in hunting will require more than simply reading this article, the concepts you are going to learn here will help you very much. With that said, it’s time to move on hunter!

Get The Best Equipment:

celestron-g2-upclose-10-30x50-zoom-binocular_1It’s a basic yet very important advice. If you want to become great at hunting then you need to have the right equipment. Fortunately for you, thanks to the internet you can find endless stores which can supply you with everything you may ever need.

For example, you need to purchase an excellent pair of Binoculars. Without a good pair of these you are simply lost, because a good hunter cannot be referred as such if he doesn’t have an HQ pair of Binoculars.

The same happens with your weapons, you need to make sure you have the best of the best in order to hunt like a real pro.

Build Experience:

Just like any other activity on this world, hunting takes time to master. You will have to build experience with the pass of the time. That’s why it’s vital for you to be patient and learn as you hunt.

You should also try to surround yourself with people who are better at hunting to you. If you want to become a winner, then you have got to surround yourself with winners. This is something to remember, because if you want to excel then you need to learn from people who are professionals in the field.

The Advantages of Polished Concrete

For those who don’t know, polished concrete is the type of concrete that has undergone a special treatment that is done using a chemical densifier, and in addition to that, polished concrete also gets grounded using grinding tools that are comparatively finer than other grounding tools for much better finish and polishing. If you want to know more about the grinding tools, these tools are normally consisting of diamond grinding cup wheels as well as diamond polishing bands. When compared to standard concrete, polished concrete looks better, feels better, and is more reliable. However, a lot of people are still completely unaware of the polished concrete that is being offered by Gold Coast polished concrete, and today, we are going to list some of the advantages of polished concrete.

It Saves Money
224d508d1d4131363428a9f07b990d3eAlthough the initial installation of polished concrete might be expensive, in the longer run, it saves you money because with the concrete polished, you won’t have to get any additional installations done to protect the floor against getting broken or scratched. That is why a lot of people prefer spending more than usual money in the start in order to have better future proofing.

Looks Really Good
As opposed to the standard concrete, a really good thing about polished concrete is that it looks absolutely stunning; that is something no one can disagree on, because the overall smooth finish of the polished concrete as well as the texture that you normally see on it is just brilliant. That is why you see that in most high end establishments, polish concrete is being used instead of the equally exquisite wooden flooring, because polished concrete is actually cost saving and more reliable than wooden flooring that coasts a lot and requires maintenance every now and then.

Hilarious Gift Ideas for Your Best Friend

Everyone needs a little humor in their life; it would be very boring otherwise. You can brighten up other’s days with humor as well as make them feel better and take their mind off the stress. There is nothing more rewarding than making your best friend laugh. Whether your best friend is a man or a woman, the following hilarious gift ideas will make them laugh:

Bacon Bandages

gun-mugYou can now give your best friend the benefit of covering your cuts and scrapes with their favorite breakfast food; bacon.  Costing only $7.31, these bandages are the same as the normal ones with the length of three inches available in a pack of fifteen reusable tin.

Butt station

This gift is perfect for your best friend’s office desk. It acts as a penholder with little bit of humor attached due to its butt design. It is available in three different colors for only $14.50.

Toilet mug

This gift is recommended for people who have a slightly high sense of humor. The bowl of the toilet is used to hold the liquid and the piping under the tank is used as a handle. It will bring a smile every morning to your best friend’s face when they drink their morning tea or coffee.

Clown nose

There is nothing more hilarious than scaring someone who is scared of clowns. With this convenient red nose, your best friend can bring joy and laughter all around him/her for just $10.99 rating it ones of the top funny gifts.

Instant excuse ball

This ball is similar to the magic 8 ball. Whenever you need to think of an excuse for any particular situation, you just have to shake this ball and you’ll be provided with an instant excuse. You can shake it again for another excuse.

Hiring a Moving Company: Pros and Cons

When you were moving into your first apartment, all of your belongings were able to fit into a single car or two cars at most. As the years have gone by and you have accumulated more and more stuff, you have probably realized that you cannot fit all of your belongings in a single car. So, your next best bet is opting for a moving company.

Burrows moving is a renowned Chicago based moving company. However, you might be reluctant since you may have heard your own share of moving nightmares, so we have taken the liberty of listing down the pros and cons to help you make your decision.


1The biggest advantage associated with hiring a moving company is convenience. When you hire a moving company, you have hired someone to do your packing, loading and unloading for you. Which can take more than a day for laymen but for experience movers, it can be wrapped up in a matter of hours. So, you save yourself from a lot of stress.

You also save yourself from a lot of strain. You will not have to deal with picking up heavy furniture and loading and unloading it, which can cause your body strain. Your moving company will take that for you with its many professionals.

Since they are experienced professionals, they know how to pack safely and in a way that makes full use of space and maximizes efficiency.


Moving companies are expensive and it can cost you around an average of $1000 to get your stuff moved. The longer the distance, the more the price.

You can feel uncomfortable having strangers handle delicate and fragile items since there is always a slight chance that they might break.

There are rogue moving companies that can scam you, you can receive your delivery a lot later or you can be overcharged.

For more information about Burrows Moving, you can visit their website at

How to Choose a Great Real Estate Agent

Real estate agents are basically people who help you buy, or sell a property, at times, they act as middlemen between the buyer and the seller, and their job is basically to make sure that there’s a healthy connection between the buyer, and the seller. Last but not the least, real estate agents normally look to make sure that all the demands of the buyer should be met accordingly. With that said, Blue Ridge GA real estate is really good, if you are looking for some of the best property listings, or you want to get your own property listed as well.

Choosing the best real estate agent is not as difficult as some people may tell, however, you still need to be really, really careful about the choice you will be making. If you are someone who’s relatively inexperienced in this field, then you should go through this post to know how you can choose the best real estate agent.

Talking to Their Previous Clients

20140409094531Nothing speaks better than testimonials, if you are about to hire a real estate agent, simply ask them if they can arrange a meeting between you and their previous clients, once that’s been done, talk to their clients and ask them about how good the real estate agent is, and how the services are. Believe it or not, this can actually help you choose the best real estate agent.

See if They Are Licensed

Another thing you need to look after is basically making sure whether or not the real estate agent you are about to hire is licensed or not. In case you didn’t know, these agents require to have a license from the state they are operating in, and any real estate agent without the proper license should be ignored.

It’s Time To Go Online: A Guide For Business Owners

Doing the switch from offline to online can be a real mess for a big number of business owners, but it doesn’t have to be the case. On this article we are going to share with you everything you need to know in order to create an awesome website that will generate you more money, because at the end of the day it’s all about the profits, and we all know it.

A Quick Set Up:
Namecheap-Promo-Code-for-HostingTo buy the domain and hosting just go to Namecheap, check this coupon code out and install WordPress. That’s all you need in fact. It will cost you around 20 dollars if you choose the most affordable hosting plan.

Once you have bought all the needed things and have installed the CMS + some basic set up, then it’s time to continue with the next steps which will grant you success online.

Connecting Online:
One of the first things to do is to submit your website to Google My Business. This will include you in Google Maps, so new clients can find you.

The other thing you need to do is to set up as many social profiles as possible. Think beyond Facebook:

2. Pinterest
3. LinkedIn
4. Twitter

And the list goes on. The point here is to make your website present in most major social networks, because this will generate trust.

The Content:
Another thing you have to remember is to set up your website with all legal pages (terms and conditions, privacy policy, etc), a good About Us page and a proper Contact Us page as well.

Don’t forget to set up a blog and fill it with relevant content. This will help you to gain more traffic and generate even more trust.

Your Guide to Selecting the Best Garage Door Repairmen

It is common for the garage doors to need some repairing every now and then. With time, all types of garage doors start to lose their performance regardless of the quality. However, it is not common for everyone to find the right garage door repairmen best suitable for the job. So many people make the mistake of hiring the wrong repairmen as they do not have the basic sound knowledge about garage doors. Garage doors are not cheap; they cost a lot as well as the installation process can be expensive and time consuming. So you must make sure that you find the best garage door repairmen for the job who will not damage the door any further.

Overheaddoor-600x300Before making the final decision, you must know a few things about garage door repairmen so that you are aware of the qualities of a good one. You must judge them on the basis of their skills and competence; garage door repairmen should know their way around the door as well as have the ability to diagnose the problem underlying.

A good garage door expert will always bring the price book to their customers and tell them the exact cost of the parts that need to be replaced or repaired before getting down to work. When they come to inspect the problem, they should always have a few basic repairing tools and replacements so that the common minor problems can be tended to on the spot. They should be able to find the underlying cause of the problem instead of just getting to work as well as provide the customer with a detailed explanation of the problem in easy terms that the customer can understand. They should be able to win the confidence of their customer; something that heavily focuses on.