Mesothelioma Victims Deserve Better

For those who don’t know, our most vital internal organs such as our hearts, lungs and stomach are covered in this thin layer of tissue called Mesothelium. This tissue is very important and helps keep our organs in place. Airborne asbestos fibres that are found in different construction materials used all around us are easily inhaled and ingested and because our bodies can detect the threat they pose, our immune system attempts to remove these fibres but they end up getting caught in our Mesothelial lining, causing it to mutate and develop into a cancer known as Mesothelioma.

Asbestos are used in construction material because of how greatly they can reinforce the tensile strength of materials; they’re cheap and very effective in making sure that structures that they’re used in stand strong. However, asbestos tends to break off and its fibres are extremely damaging to the health of those living with them. So many diseases are caused because of asbestos, which is why it is now illegal to use them in any kind of construction.

Despite the fact that they’re illegal to use, some companies still sneak them into construction materials and this means that there are more people at the risk of mesothelioma. If you or any one you know is a victim of Mesothelioma caused by the use of asbestos, you can help them claim what is rightfully theirs from the companies that played a hand in getting them sick. is a support service that raises a trust fund for Mesothelioma victims by holding companies that played a hand in exposing you to asbestos, knowing their dangers.
You can visit their Facebook page to read more about their cause and how you can help bring these companies down and help mesothelioma patients.

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